Boxers And The Family

Boxers are very family-oriented and always love to be around people. Treat them as family members. Never underestimate their need for human companionship, which is the most notable trait of this breed.

The Boxer is happiest when it is with people. Its whole pelvis moves when a Boxer wags its tail in delight and exhilaration. It can adapt to any environment as long as it is with people.

They love being with their “families” and don’t like to be alone. Please include them in your gatherings when the company is around.

They love to be your shadow. Boxers are intelligent and are quite capable of participating in many family adventures. 

Boxer dogs are like humans, and they need lots of love to feel like a part of the family.

Accept them for what they are and give them time to show how loyal they could be. They are susceptible animals, so never hit them.

Boxers and Kids

Boxers are gentle with children. Boxers love to play and are always ready for a romp or game, so make sure you have kids, said one owner.

Introduce the Boxer to the children early, as this will bond Boxer and child and stop jealousy. You will find the Boxer will be more protective towards that child.

Some owners found their Boxers love to be around children more than adults.

They are good-natured, accept friendly strangers, and will calmly suffer the pokes and prods of children.

Boxers are also accepting other family pets. One owner said:

“My girl Boxer is wonderful to my daughter’s little half-rat terrier puppy.  She lets the very hyper puppy do whatever to her and they sleep together.”