Boxers as Pets

Pet Boxers, although low-maintenance, require consistent attention, exercise, human interaction, consistent obedience training, and lots of love. You cannot leave them to their own design for too long, or they get lonely, bored, and into trouble.

Being a big and strong dog and a brilliant one, Boxers need both physical and mental stimulations to keep them even-tempered and dignified while still keeping their impish spirit and fearless courage intact. 

How To Keep Boxer Out Of Trouble

Their high prey drive (some owners called it to play drive) needs proper outlets, or they could get destructive as house pets and tend to fight among themselves, especially if the other family Boxers are of the same sex. The female, it seems, is more aggressive than the male. 

Keeping Boxers busy is the best way to keep them out of trouble! Tire them out with long walks three times a day. Give them plenty of exercises, play with them, especially the inquisitive puppies, or they would tear up your home out of boredom, pent-up energy, and frustration.

For all your love and caring, be prepared for wet, slobbery drool and kisses and love in return.

What Some Proud Owners Say About Their Pet Boxers:

“Having a Boxer is like having another human in a dog body with you. You can talk to Boxers and they would understand. They demonstrate feelings just like a human does. If they are loved, they will love and protect you.”

“Boxers are the most loyal companions. My Boxers bring me up when I am down. They are the canine clowns of the dog world. They are the only dogs for me.” 

“They are a gift! The two I have are always smiling and they cheer me up when I’m not too happy. They can be your friends for life!”

“My Boxer can take up my moods or lay quietly by my feet for hours.”

“Boxers are so intuitive, so easily bored and heartbroken. They are the definition of devotion and courage.” 

“If I treat my Boxer puppy as an intelligent animal and talk to him almost like he’s human, he is more responsive and better behaved, as though he’s picking up on my sentiments by the way I am speaking to him.”

“Boxers can be very manipulative. They are a lot smarter than they look! Don’t get taken in by their innocent-looking face or let them walk all over you no matter how much their eyes make them look like they are truly sorry.”

“Give up being house-proud and enjoy your “devil dog”. Don’t have potted plants because you’ll end up with empty pots. Don’t run to answer the phone because you’ll be rugby- tackled and end up flat on your face.”

“Bringing a puppy or even an older dog into your home and your life is a major decision. It brings with it responsibility and commitment, but it also renders supreme joy, laughter, and sadly, but inevitably, tears. Not one of us who has ever shared his life with a Boxer would have it any other way.”

“Boxer dogs think they are human. Treat them like one – love them, talk to them, cuddle them and value them and you will get your love back unconditionally 10,000 times.”